Down Here on the Ground       The Family Front    63 - 73   When Fathers Fly Away

Home Life

Back Then Part One

LTJG James B. Stockdale and friendOtis Circle, Norfolk, Virginia - 1952By Jim Stockdale Reading Time: 14 minutes Dad always had ...
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Back Then Part Two

Dad, Jim, and Brownie Patuxeunt River, Maryland - 1956By Jim - Reading Time: 10 minutes We were getting accustomed to ...
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Back Then Part Three

General Tires Giants Los Altos Hills, California - 1961 Reading Time 12 minutes Dad rented an old ramshackle hacienda in ...
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El Camino Reality

The Mission Trail - Marked by BellsCalifornia YesterdayReading Time: 12 Minutes Saying good-bye to Los Altos Hills was hard.  We’d ...
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Bougainvillea Gedunk

Our Final Navy Home547 A AvenueReading time: 14 Minutes Scaling the roof of 547 was pretty simple and I was ...
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Chocolate Mountain

Check Your Shoes for ScorpionsBy Jim Reading Time - 12 Minutes We climbed onto the Greyhound with some trepidation.  It ...
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‘Additional Responsibilities’

Aspiring Surfer Hair As both wondrous and disconcerting memories of the aerial gunnery range faded into the activity of our ...
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